Religious Education Class Schedule

CHILDREN’S Religious Education

Children's RE is held during the regular service times. The children usually begin in the sanctuary for the opening of the service, and leave with the RE instructor after the minister presents a children's story. If there is no children's story, we will go directly to the lower level where children's RE is held.

New children are always welcome. Children are also welcome to sit with their adult family members during the service.

For more details, contact Barb Logan.


ADULT Religious Education

On alternate Sundays we meet at 10 AM to discuss topics relating religious and ethical issues to current events and considering ideas that contribute to the spirit and meaning of our group.

The current series is as follows.

Starting on January 19, 2014 we will begin “Conquest of the Americas” taught by Professor Marshall C. Eakin, Vanderbilt University
01-19 - Three Peoples Collide; The Native Americans
02-02 - Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas; Europeans and Africans
02-16 - European Overseas Expansion; Christopher Columbus—Path to Conquest
03-02 - Stepping Stones—The Conquest of the Caribbean; The Rise of Hernán Cortés
03-16 -The Fall of Montezuma; Conquistadors and Incas
03-30 - The Frontiers of Empire; Portuguese Brazil—The King’s Plantation
04-13 - The Atlantic Slave Trade; Haciendas and Plantations
04-27 - American Silver and Spanish Galleons; The Sword and the Cross
05-11 - New Peoples, New Religions; Late Arrivals—The English in North America
05-25 - Conquest by Dispossession; Late Arrivals—The French in the Americas
06-08 - Pirates of the Caribbean; Clash of Cultures—Victors and Vanquished
06-22 - The Rise of “American” Identities; The Americas—Collisions and Convergence
The schedule is subject to change if a special event comes up and needs to use our Sunday.


MidAmerica Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association